Mr. Stonage is a mechanical engineer (B.S.M.E., University of Kentucky) and Professional Engineer (Virginia 0402024923) residing in Bon Air, Virginia (metro Richmond) with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing, industrial facilities, mechanical engineering, maintenance, and troubleshooting.  He started his career as a test engineer with Newport News Shipbuilding for U.S. Navy submarines, and then became a shift Maintenance Supervisor for the state-of-the-art Country Oven Bakery (Kroger) in Kentucky.  Moving to Richmond, Virginia in 1990 he was the Plant Engineer for 16 years at the Carpenter Co.(former E.R. Carpenter) chemical-based urethane foam manufacturing facility where he was responsible for equipment and building projects, infrastructure, environmental compliance, maintenance support, and fire protection systems.  After Carpenter, he spent 8+ years in the design and engineering world serving the chemical, industrial and wastewater industries.



He provides experienced engineering capability to your staff to meet demands.  Mr. Stonage knows classic design engineering serving the chemical, manufacturing and water treatment industries.


He provides solutions for jobs that others could not do or would not attempt.  Success examples:  fumes, stubborn waste water treatment, heat exchanger failure, spill prevention/containment, “new” chiller failure, tank farm renovation, environmental compliance management, HVAC management, correcting poorly specified equipment, steam starvation, space heat, roof maintain/rebuild, flooding trench drains, controls……   Mr. Stonage has an excellent record for finding the true reason for a problem and obtaining a successful resolution.


Because staff often does not have manpower or sufficient knowledge to focus on the issue, assistance is needed.   Therefore, THIS IS WHY HE CAN HELP.